This document shows some of the most common error and information codes you might encounter with Sam Broadcaster PRO and SAM Cast Pro, along with the actions to take to resolve the issue.

10054 - Disconnected

When resetting your stream this error will show up. Restart and wait about 1 or 2 minutes.
Try to shut down SAM and SHOUTcast server and restart.

10060 and 10061

These are problems with the server being down, connection refused, bad password, bad IP, or bad gateway.

Please verify:
1) The DNAS is running
2) The password you have is correct (verify by logging into the DNAS admin)
3) The DNAS is not already sourced
4) The encoder has no http:// or other protocol prefix
5) Outgoing connections from SAM to the server are allowed.

10065 - Disconnected

Your cable or Internet is unplugged from your system.

11001 - 500 Host not found (Winsock error #11001)

11004 - Connection Failed (11004: 500 No Data (winsock error #11004))

Check your cables or that you have a connection to the internet.

200 - requests - Touch OK

Like it said, everything is good.

401(Encoder) - Error retrieving xml document (Unauthorized)

This error is because your password is incorrect for the Shoutcast server. Contact your streaming service provider for the correct configurations.

401(Software) - Activation Error

If you receive Activation Error Code 401 it means you are trying to activate your license whilst it already has three concurrent activations.

You can manually deactivate your license on an existing computer by clicking the Config button, select Registration Key and click Deactivate. This will make the activation available for another computer.

If you have experienced any hardware failures which might prevent you from deactivating your license, please raise a support ticket at and we will be able to manually deactivate the activation for you.

404 - Error retrieving xml document (Connection timed out error #10060)

Error retrieving xml cannot connect.
This error is caused by your modem (cable or dsl) not supporting local loopback.

500 - At least one relay is using a local network IP address. Please use an internet IP address

You could have entered your LAN IP address in your statistic relay and it needs a public IP address to function properly.

600 - Requested song is offline and can not be played

601 - Member username/password invalid

Make sure you are using your spacialnet username and password in the Config -> Member Details section of Sam Broadcaster.